Our journey begins in the 60s when our father Nerino Mezzaluna decides to fulfil his entrepreneurial idea: to transform and market the meat of pigs from his own home breeding, within the small family farm, typical of the area Marchigiano and Fermano.


The range of products initially consisted of 'classic' cured meats: lean salami and salami with lard, ciauscolo, ham, seasoned loin (capocollo), sausage and coppa di testa.

These processes took place almost exclusively in the winter period as they did not exist

Sufficient maturing and maintenance facilities available. The production was therefore linked to the transformation of meat from the family farm.

As the years go by, tastes and consumption change.

Our father, trying to expand and innovate the panorama of products, relaunches an ancient typicality: the salami worked by a knife tip, thus a new medium-large grinded salami was born, characterized by a pleasant mosaic of lean and fat parts in each slice, the result of a recipe passed down from generation to generation over time.

In love with his city, he dedicated it to Fermo, calling it Fermanello.

In the 90s the company transformed both from a structural and corporate point of view.

We children enter, Paola and Marco. Ideas, innovations, enthusiasm and precise tasks.

Paola is the image (FRONT DESK?) of the company, Marco mainly deals with the production and takes advantage of his studies, managing to age fresh pork loin with  cover fat for a long time and its rind, embellished with a blend of herbs and natural aromas resulting from a Certosine research: it is the "Doppio Gusto lonzino con lardo", a top-level charcuterie product, without preservatives that only tasting can make you understand its goodness.

In August 2009 the European Community accredited the "ciauscolo" as a PGI product. a soft and spreadable salami, that  in just a few years it has become the most famous of the Marches,  thanks to its organoleptic characteristics and a unique taste.

Our company was among the first to obtain authorization for production, in full compliance with the disciplinary.

It is processed using three noble parts of the pig: the shoulder, the bacon and the loin ham  trimming to which salt, a little wine and finally garlic are added, which releases its typical flavor aroma.

A cured meat today that is sought after by many starred chefs who want it to give their dishes a touch of originality and tradition.

Key stage of the corporate journey in the 2000s, when wanting to offer our customers the noblest part of the pig, the production of “Culatta and Fiocco seasoned with rind” begins.

Sweetness, heady scent and special taste are the characteristics that are conferred by a maturing plant at the foot of the Sibillini mountains, in a natural environment where the sea breeze merges with the mistral, thus creating a particular and unique climate.

Time and the ancient pork butcher tradition transform a noble part of the pig into a real one artwork.

Our fantastic journey today continues between passion and dedication to work.

The example of our parents is in every detail: maximum quality, naturalness of the raw materials and of ingredients, obsessive precision and wholesomeness in the various stages of processing and seasoning, always respecting the environment, animal welfare and the human relationship with our collaborators.

We are a big family, everyone has their own skills and gives their contribution, in order to  never stop to dream, reality can become more beautiful and tasty every day.