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We offer a huge selection of quality products.
Find out in detail the characteristics and relive the ancient artisan tradition of our land and of the our culture.

Seasoned pork cheek

It is made of pork cheek and rind, and it has a particular drop shape. After the curing process, it has been given the appropriate flavor and let it dry. Once the seasoning is complete, it can be consumed both uncooked and used in cooking main or second courses.

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Salami without lard

The ingredients used are the same of the larded salami, except the fact that there is no chopped lard. The cut shows an amber red fine-grained structure, in whom the white of the minced lard in the texture stands out.

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Seasoned fiocco

It is produced selecting accurately fresh haunches nd it follows the same curing procedures of the culatello with pork rind: the rind and its bed of lard are preserved, only the core of the ham is selected in order to maintain the features in the seasoned product.

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Our artisan porchetta is prepared with an ancient recipe that contains pork from our slaughter coming exclusively from local farms, fresh spices (such as rosemary and wild fennel to give the characteristic flavor of the Marchigiana porchetta), sea salt, black pepper and garlic, no additives or preservatives.
Usually known as street food and used for filling sandwiches, it can also be a quick and low-cost second course, cold or heated in the microwave and served with vegetables seasonal fresh accompanied by a good glass of red wine.


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Fermanello salami

It is the result of an ancient production. It reminds of the knife edge cut, with a pleasant mosaic of lean and fat bits in the slice. It is the ideal cold cut to have with fresh cheese and red wine.

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Seasoned lonza

It is produced selecting correctly the deboned pig neck that is exactly trimmed in order to preserve its quality. It is manually packed in natural casings. Its accurate production and its slow seasoning make the product tasty and fragrant.

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Ham with bone

It is produced with a selection of fresh ham coming from our slaughter with a certified production chain. Particular attention is paid to the selection and trimming phases in order to obtain a very high-quality final product. It undergoes a seasoning phase in an establishment located at the base of the Sibillini mounts with an excellent climate and lively air.

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For over 50 years the specialties of the Marche tradition

In the early 60s, Nerino Mezzaluna, our father, decided to implement his entrepreneurial idea: transforming and marketing the meat of pigs from our own domestic breeding. It was a small family farm, this work was typically seasonal, in fact it was carried out only in the winter period as in those days it was not possible to have  cold rooms necessary for maintaining the worked meat.

At the beginning of the 70s the farm was transformed into an artisan company, the structure was enlarged and equipped with modern and efficient refrigeration systems and maturing cells. Moreover,  with the hiring of employees (initially three), the "family" (this is the term used by our father to indicate the working staff of the company) and production increased at the same rate.

Our mission for the future is to maintain and improve our cured meats, increasing the quality and hygiene standard, with particular attention to the  protection of animal welfare, continuing to create exclusively a niche product.

This is our challenge for the near future that we will face resolutely, with passion, determination and dedication to work that has always been transmitted to us.

The three fundamental phases for our quality

Strict and accurate selection of raw materials.

The animals that are slaughtered in our factory are domestically sourced from local farms in the Fermano and Maceratese areas.

The company has developed and created the project “Protection of animal welfare at the slaughterhouse, quality and meat hygiene”, in collaboration with the University of Camerino School of Biosciences e Veterinary Medicine.

Skilled workmanship

With the experience gained over the years where nothing is left out, applying strict health rules and self-control (HACCP), and a great passion for the art of delicatessen.

High-tech maturing plants

With computerized systems for managing the various stages of seasoning.

The location of the company in the Fermano area, nestled between the peaks of the Apennines and the Adriatic Sea where the pleasant climate and the clear, dry air of the Sibillini ... do the rest.